Monday, March 28, 2016

Medieval Times Goodbye: ODP (Day 9)

Boys ODP finally got a day off to go shopping for all those gifts for home that they missed. The 2001s fresh off their excursion into Vienna with the experience of bartering and the 2002s off of a second place finish in the tournament.

Tours of the local castle, piazzas and other locations featured this adventure in Budapest before heading back to the hotel for a swim and packing. 

The 2000s were looking forward to their fourth match, the 2002s
were finally rested after their whirlwind arrival in Eastern Europe. There was good news and bad news delivered the night before… the bad news first. The Hungarian club had withdrawn their offer to host both matches, the good news… we would play each other.

Formal ceremonies including the Star Spangled Banner would kick off a very spirited match at Danube Park (See yesterday’s blog). The 2002s wanting to prove themselves and the 2000s with the pressure of carrying the game. Most of the first 10 minutes, play revolved in the 02s half then a quick counter and on their first attack, the 02s were in front. The rest of the half the 02s dominated on the ball till a late corner which was half cleared and pounced on by 00s, 1-1 at the half. The second stanza had the 00s in possession and the 02s defending valiantly. A good match had it’s fair share of futbol and tough tackling finished, a draw.

Later that evening, all four teams had a fantastic send off with a wonderful meal and performance (coaches will feel the pain of going on a diet upon return). Medieval dinning that took place as a goodbye to the teams, from outfits to music, the food was quality as our groups sang well into the night.

We are writing this at 4:30am Hungarian time.... will see you tonight back home.

Goodbye Hungary.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Danube Training: Girls ODP (Day 8)

In front of Basilica 
It is hard to believe we have only 2 full days in our Austrian/Hungarian adventure... every day there has been "something", "someplace","some event" that makes a new memory. Hate to sound lik
e a broken record but... ok, a record was a round vinyl before CD that had music, a CD?.. it is what we had before ... you get the idea...lots of memories.

Optional Easter Service at the local Church and a light training session beside the Danube River. To be honest....we still look tired. A bit of possession, some team bonding games and done. We return to our hotel for a four course Easter Luncheon that featured enough schnitzel to feed, sorry.... a really hungry athlete. So, it was just enough.

Sunset over the Danube Valley
Sightseeing at one of the largest Churches in Eastern Europe and one of the first castle's that overlooks the Danube valley. This area has a ton of history, for example--this castle was one of the first built to protect the people from the Mongolian Empire.

Let's have one more fantastic meal, a swim in the pool and early night to prep for a final game.

Paul Shaw, Head Coach, 2002 Girls (On behalf of the 2000 Girls)

Budapest Football II: Boys ODP (Day 8)

Game Time, 2002 Starting Line Up.
The '02's returned to the FC Budapest International tournament having not lost a game thus far. Their opponent in the semifinals was from the Ukraine. The boys, after three difficult games on the day before, started out slow and sluggish but little by little started  gaining a foothold in the international affair. Griffin Yow struck the only goal of the game in the 18th minute when he finished off a through ball from Diego X. Later in the hard fought and physical affair, the Ukrainian team took a straight red card and went down to 10 men. Although outnumbered this propelled Ukraine into a fury of activity and made the final ten minutes difficult for the '02s. 

This win solidified the VA '02s a place in the prestigious Ute Kupa 2016 against the home side FC Budapest. The first half was a 60/40 advantage in favor of FC Budapest. Hence, the '02s enter half time 0-0. Starting the second half, the tilt from side to side was still present with the raucous cheers from the Budapest spectators .  Buda- pest! Buda-pest! As the Virginian's surged forward in an effort to get a go-ahead goal, they were caught on the counter attack at the 31:00 min mark. Goallllll! 1-0 FC Budapest. 

With immense tactical acumen from the staff, VA pushed as many number as possible into the attack. Unfortunately this last ditch effort fell flat with another goal for Budapest in the 38:00 min.  Unable to overcome the two goal deficit, the final result ended as 2-0 with the finalist trophy in the hands of the Americans. A brief medal ceremony to include the handing out of the silver Ute Kupa commenced. The boys were gracious in defeat and represented the country, state and their families with class and respect for their international opponents.  

Gordon Miller, VYSA TD, Head Coach Boys 2002

Budapest Football: Boys ODP (Day 7)

01s Back on the clock.  Up for a great breakfast and then off to our first tournament of the trip. Almost felt a little like home seeing dozens of teams at the fields.  Teams from Hungary, Greece, USA and many more were there to play.  

The boys started out a little on the back foot and the coaches were trying to figure a way out of a 0-2 deficit.  The team executed the plan and in the last 10 minutes pulled off a 3-2 win.  After a short break, the boys ended their second game 0-0.  The third game ended 1-2.  Goal scorers of the day were Alex and Eduardo.  Man of the match honors went to Ryan, Alex and Eduardo.  

Straight from the fields to a beautiful stadium in Budapest to watch Coatia vs. Hungary.  Game ended 1-1.  More memories were made.  Looking forward to exploring Budapest and the last few days on the trip.

Shay Bell, Assistant Coach 2001 Boys

Saturday, March 26, 2016

HUN....GARY! HUN.....GARY!: Girls ODP (Day 7)

Hungarian captain Dzsudzsák stepped forward in the 79th minute and curled a brilliant free kick into the roof of the Croatian net. That is how our day ended at the sold out Groupama Arena in Budapest. Passionate fans, singing their teams on as both sides prepare for the European Championship this summer in France.

After a regen session, both teams set off to Budapest with a tour guide who colorfully walked us through some history of the two areas on either side of the Danube river. Shopping and bartering in the market, eating some different food, King's palace and historic piazzas where just a few of the many highlights.... not to worry back home, the coaches and admin staff made sure to partake in what the many different cafes had to offer.
After the match, the 2002s had a historic win over the 2000s in the bus sing off with a performance by one of the 2002 staff that clinched the victory. No one knows how he pulled it off, considering he didn't know the words to the song he was singing.

Time springs forward 1 hour and we have another day of sightseeing before we compete one more time. 

Paul Shaw, Head Coach 2002 Girls (on behalf of the 2000s and 2002s)